www.alventi.international  the trademarked music learning utility closing end 2020 alventi.org will take over

www.versionmaryrecords.com   Version Mary Records Los Angeles California  closes Sept 2020

www.attilafortran.com   electronic music act   Los Angeles California  Lives on w/77 Unlimited

www.stugartz.com   comedy/novelty music act Los Angeles California thanks for the memories ends 3/31/20 the albums will remain also the act will be a footnote/subdirectory of 77 Unlimited Stu Gartzs 2011-20

www.albertlangventi.com  jazz/electronic music act Los Angeles California Lives on w/77 Unlimited

www.evomer.eu Domain Reseller closes between feb 20 and July 2021 online until 2023

www.evomer.com  our new name is 77Unlimited  in honor of founding member Paula Lang 1923-2016  returning to our roots between now and July 2021....

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