Occupational Music from ALVenti®

What will work with a 13th 11th or a simple triad in any progression from a 1-4-5 to a root to flat 7th. All the scales all the genres covered in this easy to use reference manual.

What is a substitute chord? That is your keyboard play is playing a C 13th chord what can you play as the  guitarist or organist? [ chances are a D3 and C3/triad will work

written in traditional notation or tablature - cant read music no problem the tabs are laid out on a graphic fret board and in their box formats.

The piano edition is written for pianist however the scales are shown of graphic representations of the keyboard layout.

Quit worrying about learning all your material when you have this E book on you computer or tablet with this method your eventually going to memorize it.

No matter what your level is your answers will be here in training out there in the feild or in school or a studio session this E book is for you. It is left all to your imagination.

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